Northeast PEZ Convention 2022

Sorry to say we missed out having a convention for 2020 and 2021.  I have been thinking long and hard trying to come up with a suitable hotel we could work with.  The Sheraton Stamford Hotel closed in 2020 and was sold and reopened in 2021 with a different name and all new management. Just not the same standards we had before. Its a different hotel, not the same and we are sure it won’t work for us. Between NEPEZCON and the Myrtle Beach convention I’ve hosted about 35 convention.  So I know what we need to have in a hotel.  Sadly I couldn’t find another hotel we could work with for 2022.  We even thought about having something in Myrtle Beach and couldn’t find a place to have it.

We will keep looking around for a hotel for a possible reunion convention. Stay tuned. (10/25/21)

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