We are downsizing our web store to this simple web page. To purchase please email: Richie@Pez.me or text us: 843.868.1739 (M-F 8am-5pm est)

Also check out our eBay store at: www.pcn.me We have plenty of PEZ there for sale too. Thank you.

Wile E Coyote red or pink 3.9 stem w/f $45, Chip n/f $55, Wile E Coyotte w/f $45
Fairies gray flower $15
PEZ Licensed Halloween shirt- Sizes large or XL $15
Fliptop Club Logo Pucks – Available in our eBay store
Merry Music Makers w/f: Lamb $25, Monkey $25, Duck $30, Dog w/f $25, Lamb n/f $35, Duck n/f $45
Mowgli $25, Prat Pig B $25, Baloo $30
Rooster MMM $30, Lil Lion-sold, Barney Bear $20, Winnie Pooh A $65, Foghorn Leghorn $90, Jiminy Cricket-SOLD, Road Runner $15, Popeye B $50, Red Cap Popeye C $125
Fliptop Logo t-shirt sizes large or XL $5 each
Petunia Pig $45, Henry Hawk $85, Annie $95, Cool Cat $70
King Louie $30, Pinocchio B-sold, Prat Pig A $30, Thumper $35, Capt Hook $50, Scrooge McDuck $25
PCN Thank You Truck #1- $4
Fliptop Logo thermo mug & backpack $10
PEZheads at Sea 2019 t-shirt- sizes large or xl $5 each
Raven $50, Lil Lion-sold, Rooster-sold, Gorilla $75
Red, blue or green Nephew $10, Merlin Mouse n/f $25, w/f $15, Dalmatian Pup $55, Dumbo $20
Spike (left-candy opened) $25, right-$30, Breast Cancer Awareness Heart $25
tin clickers $5 each-slight rust on back clicker

POP!+PEZ For Sale:

Cap’t Crunch, Yogi Bear, Hulk, Robin, Mega Man, Magnet Missile: ($2 each)

PEZ Die Cast cars & PEZ Promo/Ad Trucks are listed on eBay store at www.pcn.me

Rudolph $45, Santa red lips $20
Angel $45, Zinnafant Elephant $15, Zeilpunkt Orange man $15
Fliptop Club Exclusive $5
Keychains: $3 each
24″ White display Rail for PEZ dispensers- this lightweight display fits your footed PEZ dispensers, slide in rail or twist into rail to secure your PEZ dispensers. Each rail comes with tape strip on back of rail to secure rail for display 
SALE: Only $3 each 2′ rail!


Email us at Richie@Pez.me or Richie@PezCollectorsNews.com

or text 843.868.1739

We are going back to a simple PEZ list type of web site for our vintage/older PEZ dispensers.

Check out our PEZ For Sale on eBay at: http://www.pcn.me

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